Tait Labs selected as top 3 finalist for the Givaudan Challenge at Future Food-Tech San Francisco

For consumers around the world, health has taken center stage, with challenges that range from pandemics and stress, to performance pressure at both work and at home. Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing strives to support all aspects of healthfulness with its Health Essentials and Wellness Essentials, a selection of natural solutions that meet many of today’s most common health needs, including immune system support, mind, energy and wellbeing.

In this challenge Givaudan is looking for science-driven start-ups who are working on natural, clean label ingredients for use in food that support consumers by boosting immunity, energy, and sleep.

Givaudan is most interested in companies who, at a minimum, have proof of principle and prototypes, and their preference is for companies that are clinically backed.

The Innovation Challenge Winner will receive:

– Coaching from Givaudan’s ‘challenge sponsor team’ that may include technical, innovation, regulatory, marking guidance to support research and development, consumer and sensory insights, formulation development.

– Inclusion in Givaudan’s press and social media outreach during the first half of 2022

Upon the creation of a collaboration or partnership Givaudan will provide:

– Access to its R&D and creation centers including the Zurich Innovation Centre, Avignon France, Cincinnati Ohio, or MISTA located in San Francisco.

The finalists include

  • Tait Labs (Canada)

  • Nutrition Innovation (Singapore)

  • Comet Bio (Canada)